How would a piano sound on Mars? Embark on an interplanetary sonic journey

If the Universe is born and no one is present to hear it, does it still make a sound? Well, theoretically, yes. As this video from the US filmmaker John D Boswell (also known as Melodysheep) explores, where a ‘thick soup of atoms’ is present, sound is possible. Made in collaboration with the podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz, this short documentary deploys dramatic CGI visuals, a pulsing score and the voices of prominent scientists to explore the sounds of space – from those humanity has recorded to those we can only speculate about. While ostensibly an interplanetary journey, The Sounds of Space is perhaps most intriguing when viewed as an exploration of the physics of sound, and the science of how we’ve evolved to receive soundwaves right here on Earth.

Video by Melodysheep

Source: Aeon

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